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Frequently Asked Questions


Bundled Membership

All memberships will be "bundled". The bundled feature enables one "main contact", called the Administrator from each organization to manage the overall membership.

The bundle feature will list all contacts from the same organization under one main member record and allow the administrator to add and delete members and renew the membership online for the entire organization. This will give you total control of who benefits from your membership in your company. >> Read About Bundle Membership

Password Reset

Before logging-on to the website, you will need to RESET your password. For security purposes, ACCA had to remove all stored passwords. You can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot Password” feature in the log-in box. >> Password Recovery Instructions

View Profile

Once you have changed your password, you can log on and click View Profile. Take 2 minutes to review your profile and any bundled members that may be associated with the account. Any corrections can be made by editing your profile.

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