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Editing Your Profile

Our Website provides numerous member self-service features, one of the basic ones is the ability for members to edit their own membership record (profile) and control Access by others (what information other members and the general public can view). This feature is not available to Lapsed and Archived members.

Each member (or contact) has their own record within the Wild Apricot member database system. Both the administrator and the member can update and edit this record, with certain security measures in place.

  1. To begin the process, log in from the website home page.
  2. Once you log on as a member, you are automatically routed to the "MemberConnect" section of our our website.
    • NOTE: If you don't remember your password click the Forgot password link in the log-in screen and follow the directions to reset your password.
  3. Clicking on the View profile link from the left navigation bar takes the member to their own membership record
  4. The very top section of this form lists key membership information - Membership level, status, date joined and renewal date.
  5. To update/change profile, the member clicks on the [Edit Profile] button. From this screen any of the information in the fields shown can be changed
  6. To save the changes, member clicks on the [Save] button and the data is automatically updated in ACCA member database.

Access by others

Access by others contains the set of fields that could be shown on your profile page. Click on [Access by others] link to review default settings.

Click on [Edit Profile] button if you need to make some adjustments. Note that you could also hide your profile page altogether by removing a checkmark from Allow to show profile option.

Click on [Publish] button to save settings, [Cancel] to exit without saving. 

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