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Founded in 1995, ACCA was created in partnership with a group of contact center managers, industry-related suppliers and the Economic Development Division of the Austin Chamber of Commerce who wished to create a local trade association specific to the contact center and customer experience industry. Still a thriving organization, over 20 years later, ACCA has a consistently growing membership base and dedicated Board of Directors.

Everyone agreed that there was an unfulfilled need for a local alliance of contact center organizations to promote and support the local industry. Their vision for the new alliance encompassed networking and sharing of best practices through monthly events, and providing industry-specific information geared towards the contact center manager.

ACCA became a 501c(6) non-profit association and remains an affiliate of the Chamber of Commerce through its Economic Development Division. The ACCA office resides within the Chamber of Commerce offices.

Since ACCA's founding in 1995, it has grown to represent over 150 companies, of which approximately 75% are contact centers and 25% are vendors. Our 2004 survey showed that the Austin-area contact center industry was thriving with over 100 contact centers representing more than 18,000 employees. 

We are a group of professionals committed to each other’s success. Our diverse membership includes all organizational levels from C-suite executives to front-line employees.

ACCA produces bi-monthly Network and Development Lunch events and our cornerstone annual event, the Fall Symposium and XPO, connecting our members with the resources and education they need to excel in their careers and grow their organizations.

 MEET OUR Board of Directors

To reach any of our Board members, email info@austincontactcenter.org.

 Mark Brody | Board President

Mark is the CEO and Founder of Brohawk Solutions, LLC launched in August 2018. He is a Customer-focused Contact Center Professional with over 30 years of experience spanning multiple industries to include client management, quality assurance, contact center leadership, and workforce management expertise. 

Mark currently serves as the ACCA President, as well as a Board Member for the United Way of Williamson County. Working with small to mid-size contact centers looking to improve operational efficiencies , employee engagement, and ultimately leading to an improved Customer experience.

 Arthur Jackson, MBA | Vice President of Communication

Arthur has managed large-scale projects and teams in five (5) counties spanning across 15 cities, selling the Austin region to C-Level Executives and Corporate decision makers within key Industries to include Life Science, Technology and Contact Centers. As the Director of Economic Development for the Austin Chamber of Commerce, he carries out the following work:

  • Provide business development (B2B) services/consults to companies looking to expand or relocate to the Austin Region.

  • Develop strategies addressing needs/trends for local businesses/industry recruiting efforts.

  • Work cross-functionally to achieve overall business development goals.

  • Manage operations, data, utilization and upkeep on reporting.

  • Identify trends and potential issues impeding growth in Austin and surrounding areas.

  • Continually meet with local and worldwide business leaders in the Life Science sectors.

  • Plan major marketing trips to attract new companies to region.

 Brian W. Morton | Vice President of Membership

Brian has 20+ years of experience supporting local telecommunications, networking within local Austin and San Antonio. Responsible for directing account team sales strategy, pricing, solution development and Customer maintenance within network/telecom, cloud/data center and contact center practices supporting enterprise clients looking to improve performance, cost and most importantly service provider accountability.

Simplify has a team of industry insiders driven to make the impossibly complex business reality of large corporations simpler, more cost-effective and completely transparent. The ultimate goal: help you leverage the industry for your benefit with a best-practices approach from initial strategy through implementation and beyond.

 Rob Nussbaum | Vice President of Technology

Rob is the Co-Founder of The Jackbaum Group. He works diligently to add value to his customer's bottom line, assisting them in managing IT risks, changes, and keeping their competitive edge. An entrepreneur at heart, he excels at helping companies ensure telecom, cloud, and communications systems technology are working to further business objectives, NOT being a hindrance thereof.

Rob has world-class training in applications development and he strives to be consultative in approaching business technology solutions, understanding how applications, network, and security to properly harmonize letting technology enable business growth. SDN/SD-WAN, MPLS, CoS/QoS, Security, internet, VoIP, PBX, contact center, public/private/hybrid cloud, storage, and infrastructure.

 Eileen Edwards | Board Secretary

Eileen Edwards was born and raised in Wisconsin but has lived in Texas for 27 years.  She feels that after 27 years in Texas she is now qualified to be called a Texan!

Eileen earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from LeTourneau University and her career has been in Call Center Leadership for over 25 years. Eileen’s current role is with TML Health where she leads the Customer Care Team as Customer Care Manager for the organization.

Eileen’s career experience has been in Quality Programs, Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Results, Sales, Customer Service, Inbound and Outbound calling, Training, Tactical/Strategic projects and Leadership.

Eileen loves leading teams in a call center environment because every day is different. Call Centers are  fun environments where she has built many long lasting friendships and valuable relationships over the years.  She loves the call center world because every day is a combination of managing projects, coaching and developing employees, leading strategic planning initiatives and interacting with a diverse group of people and departments.

Eileen’s heart lies in developing and empowering her employees to become future leaders.

Eileen lives in Austin with her husband Dennis, their 13- year old adopted dog Buddy and two chickens – affectionately called “The Girls”.  In Eileen’s rare spare time, she loves to read, shop, travel, try new restaurants and spend time with friends and family.

Eileen is very excited and honored to be joining the ACCA Board of Directors and looks forward to learning new things, meeting new people, and expanding her existing skill sets!

 Renee Odunaiya | Board Member

Renee Odunaiya is an enthusiastic and passionate management professional specializing in superior customer experience and operations management. With nearly two decades of customer-focused experience, she has a history of proven quality, improved efficiency, and increased revenue. Renee has the ability to produce highly effective support teams and to nurture stellar client relationships.

While obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business management, Renee found her contact center career niche as a Microsoft Xbox support agent. There she displayed a natural ability to deescalate an eight-year-old who just lost 50 hours of gameplay. She quickly worked her way up through escalation, quality support, and supervisory positions, becoming a trusted operations manager who was often called upon to put out the toughest fires.

Renee’s career has included work for a variety of companies, ranging from small start-ups like BigCommerce to major corporations like Google and Electronic Arts. She is currently the Director of Client Services at ModSquad, overseeing all North American client operations.

Renee is well regarded for her vendor management abilities, reflected in her adept work on behalf of both vendor and client. She possesses exceptional problem-solving skills and a never-give-up attitude, and is known as a direct but fair leader. Renee prides herself on always finding ways to bring improvements to the teams or projects with which she works.

In her spare time, Renee enjoys going to the gym, spending time with family, and binging Netflix. However, her most important and fulfilling role is as mother to the 21-year-old daughter and nine-year-old boy-and-girl twins who make her life incredibly fun. From martial arts, basketball, and football tournaments to early-adulting challenges, her children ensure that there’s never a dull moment for Renee.

Christy Torrance | Board Member

Christy is a highly motivated, energetic and results oriented Sales and Marketing consultant with Kelly.  Providing her partners with superior customer service and solution-based approaches for their Professional and Industrial talent needs.  Her goal is to foster successful business relationships by understanding the company’s culture, structure and operating model.  

Christy is an entrepreneur by heart.  She has owned and operated two self-made businesses and understands the importance of keeping people and teams engaged to reach goals.  She credits her career successes to optimism and drive which has allowed her to earn multiple recognition awards, cars, and trips.   Her motto is “When your passion and purpose become greater than your fears and excuses, you will then find a way.”

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