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Adding/Deleting/Updating Members Using the Bundle Account Feature

When a new membership is created, the first member record becomes the Bundle administrator. Once that record is activated, Bundle administrator can login into his own profile - as well as manage the bundle members and their profiles.  Each bundle member can also login into his own profile to make updates. If you need to change the Bundle Administrator for your organization, contact the ACCA office at info@austincontactcenter.org.

The following options are available to the bundle administrator:

  • Add new user - users can be added one by one up to the bundle limit
  • Edit / Archive existing user

Top part of the Bundle administration profile page contains the Bundle account summary with the following details

  • Bundle limit - shows the limit of the bundle (if any)
  • Used so far - shows the total number of the bundle members (including the bundle administrator)
  • Your Members - List of members in your bundle. Bundle administrator can view/edit any member profile by clicking on the name. Archived member will appear in gray color
  • [Add member] - To add a new member to the bundle click on button and enter new member information

To Add a new member to the bundle, you must be the designated "bundle administrator":

  • Log-in as a Member
  • On the Member Connect home page, scroll down on left navigation bar and select <view Profile>
  • On this page, scroll down to "Bundle Summary"
  • Click on [Add member] button
  • Fill out the application form
  • Click on [Submit] button

To Edit the bundle member profile:

  • Select the member from the Your member list and click on the name
  • Click on [Edit profile] button
  • Make changes and click on [Publish] button

Bundle administrator may also archive the member by clicking on the [Archive] button. All archived members will appear in the gray color in Your members list.

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