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Online Membership Renewal and Membership Level Change

Our website includes many member online self-service features, including the ability for members to renew or upgrade their membership and pay membership dues online.

To start, the member must log in. Upon successful login, he/she will see a 'View profile' link.

Following this link they will see their profile (i.e. membership record).
The top section of this form lists key membership information - Membership level, status, date joined and renewal date and provides functionality to change his membership level or renew:


  • Clicking on the [Renewal] button will first take user to review his membership details where you can opt out whether you want to update his profile. Next, you will proceed with the checkout (if applicable to the level)
  • If the online payment is successful, renewal date will be changed accordingly, otherwise his record will be changed to Status = Pending Renewal.
  • If the manual payment was selected then his record will be changed to Status = Pending Renewal
  • Member can always cancel or retry the renewal using the [Cancel] button from member profile.

Membership Level Change

  • Change membership level button will only be shown if current level's Security options  Member can change to has any other levels selected. (See Member levels)
    Members can chose to change from one level to another regardless weather the level is paid or free.

Note: full price of the new membership term will be billed; next renewal date will be calculated based on new level settings and payment date. No refund will be done. Contact your site administrator if you are expecting a refund.

From here you can press on the [Next] button and proceed with payment option. (images is an example, not actual membership levels) 

If the payment is successful, the renewal date will be changed accordingly. Otherwise his record will be changed to Status = Pending Upgrade. The member can always cancel or retry the upgrade process using the [Cancel] button from the member profile.

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